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New Raid Teams!

Cyn Admin posted Jul 31, 17

I would like to welcome both our two new teams to the Mayhem! Stuck it and Cunning Stunts are both off to strong starts with clearing HM before looking to transition into Nightmare. Great job, boys and girls!

We will continue to guage interest in new teams and should suitable team leads come forward we will look at creating new teams to accomodate.

Stay Tuned!

Substitutes required for August!

Cyn Admin posted Jul 26, 17

Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to let everyone know two of our teams will be looking for regular substitutes for August due to real life circumstances. Tastefully Offensive and Cyn Team Six will both be needing NiM ready dps for the first half of August with opportunities for permananet positions.

T.O. runs Tuesday and Thursday and needs two DPS, one preferred to be melee. Those interested can contact Penny for details.

CTS runs Saturday and Sunday and is looking for one DPS, preferrably ranged capable of parsing at the top end of their class.  Those interested can contact myself for details.

Thanks everyone, and don't forget, Hateful is happening soon.

Congrats, boys, on clearing Operator 9 and Kephess the Undying!

What a clean kill. Great job, guys!

Onward to Operator 9 and Kephess!

Formerly Forsaken Morons, Tastefully Offensive clears HM Tyth. 

Let's get Terror next, eh, boys?

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